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Hello everyone! I'm new here😊 I'm 26 and suffer from panic attaks, been on conventional medicines for a year. I made lots of changes in my life and behavior,but find it difficult to communicate with old Friends and family..They seem not to accept these changes and Tell me things like ''you're not the same,i don't recognize you'' Tried to talk to them but with little risults,have you experienced something similar too? I made new Friends in the meanwhile but feel quiete lonely for not beeing aBle to find a connection with people that have been part of my life for many years😢


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I've been though, going through, something similar. I am just having a panic attack at this minute and trying to cope. I can't sleep when I am having one. I miss my old life. I miss my old friends. I have no family. But, I know it's better and safer for me to make these changes. And, whilst I don't know everything about you I guess it is probably the same for you. You sound like a thoughtful person, but sometimes you can't figure these things out. Change is difficult to cope with, but if these changes have been considered between you and your medical advisors then it should be for the best for you. Good luck. You have plenty of friends here


I understand what you mean...I'm sorry for your panic attak, hope you will find a way to deal with this in worder to get proper sleep,it happens to me too sometimes not to sleep because of the attaks and it's exhausting 😐 but still haven't find a balance, try to think that's just my mind and I'm not in real danger and try to breathe,sometimes it works sometimes doesn't

Yeah,it's the same for me, that's the point, I know it's better to move on,still sometimes feel like I hadn't built anything solid in the past..anyway I guess that if these people seem to be so insensitive it's better to leave them in the past and focus on new relationships even if it's you said it's safer for us..It just Takes time I guess

Thanks for your support,wish you the best 😊 Good luck

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Thanks for replying. It helps me to know that there are others who feel the same way and face the same problems. It's very difficult to cope with life isn't it? Some people just seem to sail through life with everything dropping in their laps. But there are many more around the world who face much more than I ever will so I should I know count my blessings. When I'm panicking it's just so difficult to think straight you know

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Yeah I know,While paniking everything seem to go into peaces..I don't know how they do that 😅Yeah we should focus on the positive Side of things

Sharing is important it makes us feel like we're not alone and that struggling is ok-there isn't anything wrong in us 😉

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