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Bladder Cancer?

So, about a month ago I went to the ER with upper abdominal pains and major blood in urine, diagnosed me with a UTI. I took all the meds, still had pain but the urine cleared.

I went back again, supposedly still had the "whopping" UTI as they put it. Prescribed me different and further meds. I took 72 hours worth of the meds and still had pain. I said enough was enough so I went back, finally they learned I had a gallstone. I guess I don't have to do anything about it since I started a diet and it doesn't bother me.

So, about 2 weeks ago, I had noticed blood again, I knew it wasn't my menstrual cycle, so I went back. They claimed it was the beginnings of a UTI...again. This time, I was prescribed 2 weeks of antibiotics and it seemed to have cleared up the urine. (Keep in mind I've had no UTI symptoms or pain through this, the only sign was blood). So now, being a hypochondriac, I finally have my menstrual cycle and seeing the hematuria in it scares me. I don't even remember if its natural or not, that's how paranoid I am.

With these 2 incidences, I noticed the blood in urine and the hematuria, after taking benadryl (pink pill).

At the ER, I've had several urine tests, A LOT of blood work, xrays, ultrasounds, everything has checked out good every time I went.

I'm 27 and fearing that I have bladder cancer. Could perhaps the benadryl caused that to happen? I found it ironic that the both only times I've ever used it, that happened.

Could the ER's lab work and whatnot mislead me?

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witchywoman13, one quick test will tell you immediately if anything is going on that they may be missing. Set up an appointment with a Urologist and he will to a Cystoscopy in his office. A quick but efficient test to rule out anything sinister going on within the bladder. No pain, no discomfort from the test. Done within a minute. My concern is more that if you don't rule out this "what if" from your mind, you will forever be focused on any bleeding, even monthly periods. Let us know the results. Good Luck xx


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