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Does anyone with anxiety sleep all night (maybe waking up a few times in the night very very briefly) but wake up feeling like unrested? And the rest of the day just feeling sleepy?

I have very severe anxiety but even recently I saw a reduction on my anxiety and some increase in my energy but last night I swore I slept well but woke up feeling terrible. It brought on a panic attack for me because I get so annoyed. I want the energy and love of the morning & start of the day like I used to have. I don't anticipate the anxiety no more i just let it happen. Its been happening for 2 years now. I hate it! And sometimes I wonder if its just the anxiety.

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btw I've been to doctors had blood tests ect. my dad has sleep apnea but I never tested for it. I woke up a few times gasping for air a heart beating feeling like I was about to die but everyone saying that panic attacks. IDK! I don't feel like getting tested for sleep apnea but ugh I guess I should


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