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Sertraline 100mg? Anyone

Hi there i suffer anxity and after 3 months of 50mg my doc gp increased to 100mg😐 Just dont know what to expect, but apparently its only for the month? Please advise

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Being on sertraline years ago my doctor upped me from 50mg to 100mg I remember feeling a bit sickly but nothing too bad but once I got used to the 100mg I had a good few years feeling happy and being more in control of my anxiety. Good luck and hope it works for you like it did for me

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Hi amanda appreciated for your response, docs said i got them for only a month then we will see cause they put me on counciling sessions therapist, which should helps

But i have only 6 sessions every week and i dont think thats enough, after side effects like shakes shivers thoughts and headaches i am left with nightmares

Worst comes worst i cannot control that at work especially breathing its so hard

Therapist told me to imagine a colour but its not that easy

When i experience panic attack my stomach is tight , short breath, cant eat whole day so im forcing myself

This is so scaryyyy i so dont want that😔


Hey! I’m on the exact same dose and meds as you! Message me if you ever need advice or anything been on these for a year now things are going good and trust me after a month or too you are so used to takin them you don’t even think of the side effects I was severely depressed and had severe anxiety before taking these but they put me back on track and I also had 6 lessons like you! I don’t know if you had the same but I had cbt it didn’t end up doing much for me but everyone is Different xx

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Hi Jamie

Feeling so awake as now is 4.30am I should be asleep😣 My thoughts killing me, stomach schrinked, feeling tight on my throat😑 Thats so scary 😩


And yes i got cbt also yes🙂

Im so upset, my mind is playing on me😩😭


I also take setraline, I have the same symptoms from shakes, to tingling, and shivers. For me I have a period where my body and mind are ok then I have times when I can’t cope


Hey Levy

Thank you dor messaging me, this morning i experienced panic attack shaking thoughts

I want to cry at the moment i cannot that i cannot control

I am tryin to think positive but i cant 😔😓



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