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Anyone get sudden moments of weak, shaky, tired feeling and with a racing heartbeat?

I get this often and it scares me. It happened just now, I've been fine all day now I've been sitting on the sofa watching tv and all of a sudden, out of the blue, I felt weak (internal weakness and weak feeling in the arms), heart racing, breathless feeling, hot and panicky. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink and felt awful. It's subsided but I still feel on edge and a bit weak and now feel really, really tired. I hate this, it really scares me.

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Hi Rubynoodles37,

Hope you're feeling better now. I can relate to what's happened to you as it's happened to me too... The same sensations of weakness in the arms etc... For me it triggered an anxiety attack which I managed with sitting down quietly and doing some breathing exercises (I practise meditation). It passed but, like you, it left me unnerved and scared. I think it could be due to anxiety or just tiredness. Sometimes I have anxiety symptoms without being aware of feeling anxious and that can be scary. The fact that it passed is good news. Sometimes just sitting in a certain position might press on some nerves and trigger weird sensations... It's happened to me anyway! Talking to your doctor might be helpful if that happens again?

Take care 😊


I get something very similar to this and for me it's a drop in blood sugars. I've had it on and off over the years. I have to eat something and then rest. I get it more now that I suffer from anxiety because I don't eat enough and often.

Hope you feel better 😊


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