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Free Time Thoughts

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Does anyone else dislike having free time when suffering from anxiety? I used to look forward to having free time. In which I usually lounge around and unwind. But with anxiety, I realize lately that I no longer look forward to that. I think it’s because being busy/occupied distracts me from anxiety, which is why I usually feel very anxious at night. I mean I still have my “me” time, but I prefer spending it outside rather than at home.

I’m constantly anxious these days because of work.I’ve more or less accepted it and I’m used to the symptoms, but sometimes it still freaks me out. My back pain is acting up because of prolonged standing at work and because of it, I’m also feeling like I have trouble pulling in a deep breath. There’s no chest pain and I don’t feel out of breath, so I guess I’m not too worried? I read online that poor posture can affect your breathing.

I’m actually very tired of going to the doctor because it’s the same thing as always. And it makes me more anxious. I’n not physically tired.I’m bone deep tired.It’s not something which sleep can cure in an instant, but I think accepting the fact that these symptoms are there to stay (for quite some time) makes it just a little bit easier.Does that even make sense?

Apologies for this “does this even make sense” post. I just got back from being out the whole day and now that I’m finally resting, I don’t know what to feel.

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