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My psychiatrist called and recommended i go to the ER or walk in clinic to get checked out just because ive been having so many panic attacks recently. I went to the ER. Everything They didnt do anything at all just a urine sample. I wasnt clinical enough for them put into an impatient program since im not suicidal. They recommended an outpatient one where you go 3 times a week for like 4 hours. I feel super unreal today, it just keeps getting worse. Thoughts are still coming about existence and eternity and such so i tend to dwell on those late at night. It makes me panic. I also read some scary shit about solispism. Now i cant stop thinking about it.

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Hi shrs3, going to the ER has never really done much for a chronic mental issue. I didn't realize it until the 3rd time I went, got a shot of Ativan, fell asleep and was released when I woke up. Cured? Hardly...

Unless your psychiatrist was ready to sign you in, the ER followed protocol to recommend outpatient therapy. If you feel you need immediate care or that 3 x a week isn't going to do it, I'd set up another appointment with your doctor or set up an appointment with a psychologist who may be able to help you. Let us know what you decide to do. I wish you well. x

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Yea i was kind of surprised he told me to go because youre totally right, i know the reality and I know nothings physically wrong. They just give you drugs and send you home. But i guess i was just following his orders haha.

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Im not sure the professionals always know what they are doing. One person says one thing and another can say something completely different. If they can seem so confused it's no wonder so many of us are here posting anything just hoping someone can help.


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