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Pulled Tendon

I was playing fetch with my dog and it's a big ball with a hole in it, I usually stick my index finger in the hole to tosd it. I was doing this several times and about the 20th time, I felt a moderate pain in my forearm by my wrist. I was fine for about 10min and realized it hurt to move my fingers are hand a certain way and to pick things up a certain way so mind went straight to thinking I messed up a nerve or ruptured a tendon. I iced it. My hand started to feel a little tingly. So after icing. I layed down and my anxiety started making me think I really hurt myself. Im not in horrible pain, not bruised, it's not swollen. So I know it's nothing major but my anxiety is making me think the worst. Ive had worst injuries because Im an athlete but recently Im scared of any injury or sickness. I took a xanax so hopefully I calm down. Do you guys think I should worry? Or have any of you pulled a tendon?

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