Hi Everyone, I thought I had my Anxiety almost under control until my partner was re admitted to hospital a week of coming home with an infection after a large incisional hernia repair, I started to feel deep intense pain in my left forearm that also moved to under my armpit, felt just like muscle pain and a little niggle in my top part of my chest on the left. I ended up going to A+E to be checked out, they did an ECG which was fine. They told me I was likely to be over stressed and Anxious with everything going on. I do feel as though going backwards and forward to the hospital has triggered my anxiety again but the pain in my left arm is still here a week later. The practitioner did say that Anxiety can cause severe pain in your muscles, I’m still worried it could be something more serious and was just wondering if anybody else has suffered with muscle pain through anxiety, I have had most feelings but this is a new one for me.

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  • Every single day. My upper back and arms. I get massages and physical therapy. Its horrible. Feel better

  • It’s frightening how it can effect your body, then you get a rush of panic just to make you feel even worse! Lol

  • My Pap was admitted into the ICU on a vent a couple days ago for sepsis. He is unresponsive and I totally get it. Every time someone tells me something bad or anticipate them tell me something about him I get severe pain in my top left side of my shoulder and back radiate down my arm. I’ve gotten used to it but it drives me have crazy. Prayers to you and your situation.

  • Thank you, I keep telling myself I was fine until all this kicked off so must be Anxiety pains! All the very best for your Pap. Hope all works out good on the end 🤞

  • These triggers send me through the roof..........too

  • IS getting a massage an option for your at this time?

  • Have thought about it but will see if the pain subsides, been over a week now. The pain has got better but comes and goes.

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