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Zoloft and Asprin

Has anyone ever taken ibprofin Advil or asprin while on sertraline? I just looked it up online and it says it to take these two together because it can increase risk of bleeding? I have a headache and want to take some but I'm scared of this side effect because I have major health anxiety about a stroke or other bleeding in my brain.

What should I do?

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I do not believe bleeding is a concern unless you take asprin large amounts . I have taken Zoloft while also taking 325mg asprin daily for years without issue. Asprin I take is to reduce cardiac Rask factors. I think you are fine to take something to remedy headache. Feel well!


I am taking 100 mg of sertraline per day.I also take one specially coated aspirin per day as protection against heart attack.I have had no adverse reaction as a result. I do get side effects with sertraline: nightmares, sweats, rashes and itch as well as weight gain. The nightmares are the worst and are extremely vivid.I cannot take ibuprofin as it affects my bowels. Myra.


Thanks! I get a lot of nightmares with sertraline also


My nightmares are so vivid sometimes they stay with me all day. They are also have recurring themes--either I am lost in a maze of unfamiliar streets or my deceased hubby is rejecting me in favour of a younger woman. Last night I dreamed we were being married---the actual ceremony---when he refused to continue with it and accused me of all sorts in front of the guests. The detail was amazing but distressing . I don't know why I have these dreams as my hubby was devoted to me when alive. I'd love to be psychoanalysed to find the answer to that puzzle.

Another side effect is a dry mouth. Myra,


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