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Need advice. This is probably a normal brain function that I'm over analyzing

So recently my anxiety has convinced me I'm going to lose my mind. Go figure. Throughout the day I will have tons and tons of flashbacks with emotion attached, usually of unpleasant times. Every time this happens I ponder why I felt that over and over thinking something must be wrong with my brain if it keeps taking me back to these emotions out of no where. I then spend all day in my head, trying not to have negative flashbacks and analysing everything I'm thinking... it's like I'm monitoring my brain. Is this OCD? Anyone else have these memories flashbacks all day triggered by just random stuff out of no where? Thanks all x

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You are not losing your mind. Not at all!

I've read a number of popular science/pop psych books on this and this is my (almost certainly imperfect) understanding: You had a trauma/unpleasant event. So Your brain is processing a huge amount of emotional information, and keeps having another go cause it gets stuck.

Then it tries to protect you by associating everything vaguely connected with it to the memory. Your brain is doing exactly what evolution programmed it to do.

It must be so hard for you reliving a bad memory over and over. I am so sorry you are having such a hard time.

My own experience is that ruminating/over analysing the bad stuff just makes it worse because thinking about it is so stressful!

What I did find helpful was to be kind to myself. Take a break, do something relaxing and fun and talk about things with a trusted person. Even if it was just so that someone somewhere knew I was having a bad day.

I really Hope you feel better soon

Hugs and cups of tea


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Thank you so much for your response. So very helpful x

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So recently I lost my mom this year and I do at times have flashbacks. It is the mind coping. Just do some deep breathing and pray for a calm mind. When I have an over active mind i do take my Xanax to help. If I can’t on my own . I finally learned to relax and meditation works great. Try not to read to much into as your mind is trying to protect you. Good luck look up deep breathe exercise you will probably find out like me when you have anxiety we don’t breathe right !


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