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Living in a simulation

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Does anyone ever feel as if we live in a simulation? Like the sims? Call me bat sh** crazy.. but when i was younger I was playing with toy trains but actual train models and for some odd reason my imagination went about thinking there was someone playing with trains and action figures and that the person was using the toy action figures to control the train and to pick them up when they fell and i thought that action figure was me it was VERY VIVID didnt scare me just was very weird another time was when it was snowing i would ALWAYS think someone was shaking a snowglobe and we just happened to be in it lol i played too much sims bahaha but sometimes I just feel like this even to this day lol your gonna label it as Derealization but its not that because i have aftually had that at one point with my anxiety i thought NOTHING was real and that everything and everyone I have met my mind created now THAT was the scariest sh** i have ever imagined lol that I encounter people i made up in my head and im so glad that only happened once when i was stoned out of my damn mind and had just found out my buddy comitted suicide


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Being stoned out of your mind may explain much, recreational drugs are not helpful for people with anxiety problems. I have noted that a number of people who have posted here have pinpointed smoking weed as the beginning of their anxiety disorder.

Kevoreally, these strange thoughts you have described only become a problem when we think about them too much and start to obsess about them. Otherwise they are harmless, we all have strange thoughts from time to time, some people more than others. The way to deal with them is to accept them whilst attaching less importance to them. So again, accept the strange thoughts as normal and occupy your thoughts with more worthwhile things and matters of greater interest.


Oh i was just making this post to just see if anyone ever had any crazy ideas or thougts haha i accepted thae simulation thoughts because we are infact living so theres no doubt that life is real lol im bleeding when i get cut im breathing my hearts beating i may not know the unknown but i do know im breathing and hearts beating thats all i can keep doing haha what have your thoughts been? I wanna hear other peoples crazy ideas and thoughts


You really don't want to know what my crazy thoughts are, kevoreally.

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