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Panic attack and deep breathing

Wel i was having a panic atrack in a FAMILIAR zone only diffeerence was NIGHT TIME

I have driving anxiety (agoraphobia) i went to a place very close to a "comfort zone" it was for work i had a meeting any way i got out went wrong direction and immediately u turned and still thought i was going in wrong direction i was in almost full blown panic mode but i did what i thought wouldnt ever work DEEP BREATHING and it worked it helped me SOOOOO MUCH and i truly didnt think it could!! But i was still VERY PANICY but i didnt have a PANIC ATTACK due to breathing deep and reassuring myself i was in familiar territory even thiugh nothing looked familiar but it actually did my anxiety made it seem like it didnt -_- first time for that to happen actually lol

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kevoreally, Great Job....Deep Breathing will do it for you each and every time. It's my "go to" :)

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