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When will i feel better

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I've been having bad anxiety and panic attacks the past 4 weeks cos my mirtazipine pooped out, I then wentcold turkey for 6 days which was horrendous so I went back on mirtazipine but my dose is upped I know it's working cos it makes me sleepy again when it pooped out it gave me insomnia anyway I really hate life at the moment but I'm keeping strong for my little boy....my anxiety and panic is still horrible. ..but is better than a week ago. I feel so hopeless 😢

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Hi I'm going through the same I'm on the same tablet. I have been on antidepressants for nine years then back in July I decided to stop. (Stupid mistake ) so I went to my doctor and he put me back on citralipan. I got even side effects going. So changed it to stretalin. Still no sleep horrible feelings didn't go to work no interest in my son or my partner. I havebeen to the hospital a few times as well. Then went back to ask for sleeping tablets. He put me on mirtazapine. That night I had the best sleep and really picked up the next week I even managed to get to work. I'm now on my 4th week and the anxiety has come back I hate this . I want to be me again I don't know how to deal with it. Even ended up in hospital again convinced I was having a heart attack . Just had a massive argument with my partner he doesn't understand. I just want help to deal with it

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I'm sorry to hear what you are going through, it's horrible going through this $hit especially when your husband doesn't understand what you are going through. Hopefully we wI'll both get well soon, time is a great healer take care x

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I had a couple months course of amitriptyline and felt good at the start then just went downhill, I came off them and never felt so good :)

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