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Headache/head pressure, can someone please answer

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One more symptom I’m freaking out about 😕 anyways I have a misaligned pelvis which I’m going to a chiropractor for but the back of it has been sore today which is making me think the worst as it’s been misaligned for a long time and this summer I somehow injured more when mowing so my legs have been tingling from it. And then today I saw something online how that’s bad so I’m freaking out about that :( and now because of the head pressure (I know I have tight muscles but still) I’m worried that it has today with my pelvis being misaligned and that it has made my spine is all messed up or something which is causing the head pressure and that gonna die from it☹️ can’t get the thought out of my head that’s it’s something really bad

Also that my pelvis will never be better :/ since I was bad and was googling

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Don’t google, it always says your dying and you read too much into it. I know as I was bad from it convinced myself I had heart disease and when I had pins and needles in my leg for a couple of weeks convinced myself it was a blood clot. Once I told myself I was fine and visited a doctor the symptoms disappeared as it was all in my head and messing with my nerves and making myself anxious over nothing. The only people who can tell you is a professional doctor etc if your pelvis will be better. ❤️

I really feel for you. I am just the same. Right now I amtaking antibiotics for a throat infection and am really worried it will come back when I stop the antibiotics. I think you are OK, but if you are really concerned maybe see a spinal orthopedist or even a physical therapist. XXX to you

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