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What's your med cocktail


and what do you take it for?

I'm on 150mg Zoloft, 15mg buspar 3x/day, 25mg Seroquel at night (I take ½), 300mg gabapentin 2x/day, soon upping to 3x/day and adding lamictal.

Gabapentin and lamictal are new so I'm looking for advice/experiences/hope with these.

Share your med cocktail. Buy me a pill box. Whatever

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Holy crap!! Thats a ton of pills.. please tell me it was your LAST RESORT and you tried EVERYTHING in the book for what ever ails you..

Eh, I'm in therapy.. it only does so much. I had a breakdown this past week and it was...bad. I got an emergency psych appt and they just adjusted my meds. And by adjusted I mean added 2 because I'm all kinds of crazy😒😐

Oh and I forgot to add Klonopin to that laundry list of meds..

What does "all kinds of crazy," look like to you?

omg.. a lot of meds you got... I am just on 50mg sertraline and when the anxiety hits strong i take one lexaurin, but im afraid to be dependent on it so i take it really just when im getting crazy from the anxiety and want to run again on ER.. but i think i need increase the dose of sertralin as it seems it stoped to work..

Hi MermaidMomma,

This seems like polypharmacy (many pills) gone mad. If you have that many meds you cannot possibly know the one that is working or not. Definitely time for a medication review with a doctor.

My psychiatrist reluctantly went to 3, two in the morning and one at night but has since dropped one of the morning drugs and upped the other because he is not in favour of so many drugs.

As the messages says .. "content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them."

Hi, I am also on a med cocktail for BPD, severe anxiety, borderline and major depressive disorder. I am on Remeron that saved my life in 2005, when I was hospitalized due to a severe allergic reaction to Cymbalta. I am on 45mg at bedtime. Started on 15mg. I was also at The time put on 4mg of Klonopin for severe anxiety and panic attacks (2mg in morning, 2 mg at bedtime). Was on Hydroxyzine and Topamax, but Hydroxyzine did not work for insomnia..have only been getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night due to health concerns, racing thoughts, mounting medical bills. However, although the Topamax cworked really well for emotional regulation, it (psychatrist never mentioned this side effect to me) caused severe weight loss, as an off label use is used for weight loss. Now I am very underweight at 5'5 and only 119lbs from 186lbs about what I weighed a year ago. I am also on Busphar for anxiety, but it is not all that effective. I take Wellbutrin 300 mg for major depressive disorder and BPD, and was just prescribed Seroquel for severe insomnia and worry. I have been on it for two weeks and it has completely stopped my daily stomach cramping/IBS. No longer painful bowel movements when I can go..it causes constipation unfortunately..but they say that should go away. Have had no other side effects. To not have to cramp after even the smallest meal has been a Godsend..it is nice to have somewhat of my life back. I even had a few slices of pizza for the first time in years and no cramping, a hoagie last night, even fries and butter pecan ice cream. I was cheating..as this is not how I normally eat, but it was nice to be able to have an indulgence with no IBS or cramping. I also take several other meds for various health problems..so yes..I am on med cocktail too..

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