does anyone have anxiety and panic ALL day long, from the moment they wake up.. until bed time. The only time I don't have anxiety is when I am asleep, and even then I wake up sometimes in full blown panic..heart racing. I have anxiety every single minute. I get sick just cleaning my house, I can bearly go outside anymore.. I dread going to the store and anywhere else that is more than a few minutes away. My throat closes up I cant breathe I feel like my legs wont hold me up. Dizzy my head feels heavy. Its soo annoying . Making me depressed because I cant ever feel normal anymore . I am beginning to feel like this is never ever gonna go away.

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  • Ohhhh this is so me I know how your feeling I don't even enjoy going out with my friends gym anything and I don't know why it's the worst feeling ever I feel so unwell in a lot different ways. going to bed I know I am going to wake up with this bad feeling the next day

  • I am like this a lot, I have health anxiety and one thing or another is always on my mind thinking I have some deadly illness or another.

  • It's like you took the words right out of my mouth!! I'm sorry you're feeling this way:( I hate these feeling & all day I'm worrying about something happening to me & it's scary.. I feel like I'm gonna faint & never wake up cause these symptoms are something other then anxiety. Hope you're feeling better! Take care

  • This is me everyday, I don't feel like I'm here most days but I know I am, I'd love to say how to help u but I'm still trying to work it out myself hope u feel beta soon xx

  • Yes hun I've felt so ill ever since I had my first full blown attack ever three weeks ago I was rushed to A n E thinking I was having a heart attack. I was told I had aniexty after lots of tests. Ever since I've been so ill I've been off work and hardly done anything. Even washing up makes me feel dizzy n sick. I can't sleep I wake up in a sweat shakey confused etc n I'm constantly worried n on edge...my head is so full of horrible thoughts. I feel detached from the world like I'm looking from behind glass. The way o feel is so hard to explain I've given up especially with the doctor. I feel like ive got the whole world on my shoulders n my legs can't hold me I'm going to collapse any tym. Ive lost over a stone as I have no appetite. I do feel slightly better but its s long tough road n I'm trying to take every hour as it comes. Hope you start to feel better soon xx

  • I know what you're feeling and same thing with from when I wake up to when I go to bed

  • I experienced this too but am doing loads better now! I hate to say it but the only way to feel better is to face the fear and push through it. Do it in steps though! I made myself go out, made myself do things even when I panicked. Allow yourself time to rest and recover though 😊 It's such a horrible thing anxiety

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