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Bad anxiety thiking somethings going to happen to me

Hi just wondering a suffer nad anxiety witch a keep thinking sonethings going to happen to me it fells real a think am going to die our iam any min off the day body fells weird sore head n tired but find it hard to sleep with it it all fells so real that am so scared os this all normal a dont take any medication for it going to see a cbt on 6th october is thia all anxiety any help meens a lot

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Hi Maggiecass1988, This is how Anxiety draws us into it's web of deceit and fear. By giving us all these weird bodily symptoms, it causes us to feel that we must be seriously ill. Once that thought is allowed to take hold, our adrenaline rises causing fear of fear. Medication is not always necessary. Starting CBT will help you understand anxiety and go forward w/o fear. It takes time and work on your part to push yourself out of your safety zone. The more you do, the more control you will get back of your life. I wish you well with your first appointment. Continue using the forum for support and understanding during your wait. What you are feeling is just that, a feeling. It is not real in that it is coming from your mind and not a bodily cause. Take it one day at a time and remember to "breathe" x


I know how you are feeling. I feel as if I am going crazy and dying. I've had a headache over my right eye for a while, felt like I'm dying, felt like I'm going crazy over the fact that when I get anxious, I get racing thoughts, think I hear things and get freaked out by all of it. I start CBT on the fourth and have been on meds for a few weeks. Based on my experience, what you're dealing with is something that happens with anxiety.

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Thank u very mutch its so scary think a ma brain has convinced ma self that am dying our going to die any min off day find it hard to sleep panick when a shut ma eyes in case a die in ma sleep hate geting out bed to see watt day brings always think somethings going to happen to me body fells weird like its not me anymore x


How are yous all feeling now am no to bad trying to getvon with it mutch as a can


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