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Heart racing

So I am traveling and right now I am in Washington. I'm going to be going on a cruise and it will be my first time to go on a cruise so I am excited. Lately I've been feeling anxious and worried because I don't want to get sick or the get the stomach flu. Some people do on cruises, even though it's a rare thing to get, it scares me. Because my worst fear is throwing up and having that awful feeling. Everyday it's always in the back of my mind and sometimes I'll feel nauseous and I keep telling myself that it's anxiety and sometimes I can't tell. My heart races and today I woke up with my heart racing. I'm just anxious ill-gotten sick or if it'll throw up. If someone can put there advice in, that would be helpful.

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I've been on 6 cruises and havent gotten sick but also did have anxiety on them. Just keep putting hand sanitizer on they have them pumps all over the ship and you will be fine :) . Happy cruising, have a great time

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Thank you. I never got sick. The cruise was very fun!

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