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Poorly structured (early morning) thoughts, but hear me out

Our bodies are so strong. We're designed to recover and overcome. We're not as big of a baby or as fragile as we think, in our weakest moments.

I've trained post rehab stroke patients to continue with rebuilding neuropathways to their muscle. That's your body doing something to fix itself. And it's amazing. But the biggest thing is to not give up. If the client didn't try to move the limb, even though they couldn't feel it, the pathways would never grow back, outside of a miracle. But as long as they had that want, that neuromuscular proprioception was achieved and they were able to move the limb 90% of the time.

The body adapts and overcomes. Now why does the brain keep us in this fear? Well, the brains job is to keep you alive, and you falsely view your symptoms as life threatening. So you feed this negative cycle. If you didn't have one symptom, you'd quickly search for another. Around every corner you would search for your scary symptoms until you found them.

You work on what you can control, your thoughts, and let the body God created in His infinite wisdom heal itself.

Keep your thoughts healthy. KNOW this is not life threatening and the bad thoughts will go away, and the symptoms will follow suit.

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Love it, Rockster! I particularly enjoyed a book recently called 'You Are The Placebo' which deals with many such similar stories of recovery through belief.☺

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Very cool! I'll have to give it a read.

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This is a brilliant and perceptive appraisal of anxiety that EVERYONE dealing with anxiety disorder should read at least twice. Thank you so much for posting, Rockster321.


Thank you very much Ieff, I'm glad you were able to get something from it.


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