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I'm not saying that I have PTSD at all because I wasn't diagnosed with it

But isn't it just weird and really off that I get TERRIFIED when I hear my phone go off when I get a notification? (Whenever I put the sound on) I don't get THAT scared about a notification when I see that it's from like an app like YouTube or just my email but when I see that it's from a person (anyone) I have an automatic panic attack (my heart starts racing really fast just like that, I feel like I'm going to be sick automatically, I start shivering so so bad and I feel really really dizzy)

I guess because I have really bad experiences with talking to people in general because a lot of people have bullied me online (and offline/in public) so it's just really really really terrifying to me.

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Oh, don't saddle yourself with the PTSD title when one type of notification makes you anxious. Perhaps with some desensitisation work you'll be much more comfortable. PTSD can involve a number of other factors and unpleasant issues to address....Maybe you can try to change the sound on your phone, or go without sound for awhile....use vibrate.


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