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Aaand it's back :(

After quite a good few days with no anxiety about anything I'm back to being a mess and heart racing. Went to hospital last week due to leg pain and thought I had a blood clot, hospital checked me over and did an ecg and all was fine and was told I have strained my hamstring. Any way pain went after after a day or 2. Last night in bed I started getting a bit sore at my right side below my armpit where my ribs are, fast forward to today and the pain is worse, eases if I don't move or take proper big breathed but if I try and move, breathe deep.or touch my ribs at all on the right side it's really sore and tender, so I googled (haven't googled anything in about a week) and it says it could be a blood.clot that's travelled from another part of my body (leg). So now I am totally freaking out which is making the pain worse. I have the doctors in an hour for a review of my anxiety and medications so will say to him then but I just know he'll pass it off as stress and anxiety as usual. I'm so scared in case it's something really serious, I haven't injured myself or did anything strenuous so I can't have pulled a muscle or anything.

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