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seraquel 25mgs 4x daily and Paxil 50mgs finnaly some relif

as my last post i was feeling so terrible witj brain zaps/fog etc and horrible anxiety i finnaly for once in my life have relief and who would no seraquel a tranquilizer but it works! i havent had a panic/anxiety attack in a week i started BCTherapy also she seems to tink i have PTSD due to past situations i have been through in my life and my life sytle choices i just wanted to put the info out there seraquel works!!


not so lost anymore

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Thanks for the info and Great something is giving you some relief!


Hi Bhorton563,

Sometimes it takes trial and error to find the medication or a combination to make a difference.

Therapy is wonderful if you can form a therapeutic relationship with the therapist.

You can look forward to going on the journey of recovery to being the best you can be.

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