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I'm going to dieeeee

Okay, so it's 3:40 where I am, and it always seems that I'm awake in the middle of the night, and I don't understand why. So for the past few nights, instead of being able to get sleep, something always wakes me up in the end. So. Today as I am currently laying in my bed, about 20 minutes ago I could hear something in the kitchen frying (I sleep in the living room. So I thought okay, maybe it's my mom. She has trouble sleeping so maybe she's cooking. But then again, it's 3 am and my mom likes to get as much sleep as possible and lay down as much as possible. And the kitchen light isn't on, which always is when someone is in there. Then this weird kind've screeching noise, that's sounds like a ham cutter type of things starts and then stops. After a few minutes of the notorious frying sound, the sound began for the second time. When it ended so did the frying. Silence. Complete silence. No footsteps (not even before) nothing. So now I'm kind've terrified. There's nothing. Kinda tempted to text my mom, but she won't wake up anyways.

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We're on the same time zone but Wow that's scary. Do you have any windows open? Is it possible the noise can be coming from outside?


Nope. No windows. It would be too cold for that. And I don't live very close to other people. Actually it's just apple orchards on the other side of the house and a neighbor who is too old to do that stuff


Wow that's interesting. I would just breathe and stay calm. Maybe even text your Mom to see if she is awake and possibly heard it too.


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