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You guys think smoking is worsening anxiety or it's just a habit to think it's not good and when i light it up instantly get an attack but if i quit i will worry that i will be more anxious if i don't smoke and quitting is hard so maybe i will be more stressed? Idk anxiety is tricking our mind of course cigarettes r not healthy.. just worried about everything.

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Try exercising often. Make it a habit or hobby. I've never smoked, but hopefully exercising is something you could do to distract yourself from smoking.

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Hey Pinky23 ! Yes i'm trying i only smoked 2 times today i just blame it on anxiety that i would get an attack if i light it up so i wont smoke like that lol no cigarettes no attack :)

I 2 smoke as well but to scared to stop I case it makes me worse as quitting is hard for the 1st month xx

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Sure it's hard honey but not harder than overcoming anxiety xx

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That's very true xx

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Nicotine is part of the deadly nightshade family of plants, it is a poison. It stimulates you, you will feel more anxious but less depressed each time you smoke a cigarette, it is also a cardiac constrictor which means every time you smoke a cigarette you vains constrict and your heart has to work harder to pump blood around your body. Everytime you smoke a cigarette you use up 25mg of vitamin C.

I learnt all this because I stopped smoking after 27 years of doing it, been quit 7.

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Make sense ;) thanks for the advice

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