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Hi people :) i have had anxiety for like alaost two years and the symptoms changed from time to in the beginning i had breathing problem then i had pain in my heart then my stomach used to be upset along with all these symptoms i had constant fear of death and am glad that almost all the symptoms have gone and i turned quite good in fighting back my anxiety but now i have a problem with my stomach or intestine i am not sure even.... about two inches away from my belly button on the left side i sometimes feel pain and if i stay up too late at night there is this gurgling sound in that part nd mostly the gurgling sounds occur in the morning after i wakeup :( but it bothers me a lot ...sometimes when it gurgles i feel a slight pain in left arm but that pain is just for few seconds or min or two ....i just want to know if someone else have also felt the same or gone through the same or what could it be?


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  • Its anxiety the stomachs aches and pain on left side ,when we are anxious we swallow more air or miss out meals because we don't feel hungry and this causes tummy problems.but once you start to eat small meals often and learn to relax ,it will go away as quick as it came.try not to worry.

  • Jessie thnx for ur reply i guess u r right i cause i worry wayyyy toooo much ...for instance if my younger brother drives car to his uni i would be hell worried whether he would be fine or not...if my father is out for his office i ll worry if my mom goes out for grocery shopping i cant stay calm...on the outside i would be smiling but inside my mind i would be contantly worrying about my family members :(

  • You sound a good person and sensitive.I used to worry about my grandchildren then I would get myself all now I try not to think of nice when your mum goes shopping think nice thoughts like I wonder what mum will be cooking for tea.and when your dad is at work think I wonder if dad is enjoying his day.

  • Yeah it happens at times but i try to cover it up :) nd u r right i am a sensitive person...sometimes at night i would cry just for the reason that how much i love my parents my siblings nd i thank God for blessing me with them but i have that bad side am an introvert person....i cant express my feelings for people how i feel about my younger sister would be hugging and kissing mommy but i cant i dont know i feel shy :D but then i would cry at night to show my love for mommy :D its sad nd funny at the same time....on the outside i wud show as i dont care but inside i would be tooo much bothered about it :)

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