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Time won't heal?

Hey everyone! First of all, I'm new here and anxiety is also something very new to me. I've been through severe clinical depression (stopped taking Cipralex ~1.5 years ago), but I'm not taking anything now and I keep on wondering every day if I should.

I recently went through a very traumatic event in my life which also affected my physical health (although temporarily). I thought I could handle the anxiety episodes that followed, but the truth is it's only getting worse (it's been 3 months like this now).

I have no trouble falling asleep, but I always wake up in the middle of the night and then all the thoughts and worries won't let me get back to sleep. This usually goes on for hours. My legs are constantly weak and my hands are shaking more than they used to. I cry a lot. I don't want to see anyone or talk to anyone - I feel like it takes twice the amount of energy from me. Sometimes I feel chest pains. I'm constantly feeling like I need to remind myself to breathe - like it's hard for me to breathe in deeply even if I'm not doing anything. I've experienced night sweats a few times. I'm very often feeling cold, so when others are walking around in jumpers, I feel like I need a jacket and a scarf. My eyes are dry and itchy and my mouth is also dry. I have no appetite, none. Recently I feel very itchy all over my body, but there's no rash or anything. I wonder if I'm alone with these symptoms? Everything makes me super nervous and cautious so please let me know.

Also do you suggest on waiting before trying some anti anxiety drugs or should I contact my psychiatrist?

Thank you all x

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I suffer with that sometimes if my anxiety is very high but I'd definitely get in contact with your psychiatrist to see what can help you x

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I think you should just consult your psychiatrist and tell him everything that has happened to you in the past. You can do the same with someone close. Let it all out n taking medicine should be only if you are highly vulnerable actually power to heal lies within you. but yes you will definitely need someone who can guide you n talk to u about all that you went through.dont do it alone. And believe in positive energy that something is definitely looking over you. It won't give you a task or problems that you can't manage. Believe. I am also going through certain issues n I Am trying my best to overcome it n one thing for sure Is I won't give up on my fight to overcome n survive all that is about to knock on my door. Take care n if u need a friend I am here to listen.

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Thank you both so much!

Unfortunately it's very easy to turn to alcohol whenever I feel like it's getting too much, however now I already know how alcohol is a very-very short time "solution" and after that it actually makes me feel even more anxious. Which is why I should probably seek some healthier ways. Today is my second yoga class and I've been meditating each morning for weeks now, but the truth is that I can't talk to anyone, that's the worst feeling tbh, being alone and scared.


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