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Choking on food and drink MS?

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Lately for the last couple of weeks every time I eat something it goes down the wrong way and I start choking. This happens occasionally with drinking as well. I also have been urinating a lot more frequently in the past weeks as well. I have read that both these things are symptoms of MS and I am worried.

I have been worried about MS for a while now and have had other symptoms such as weird prickling pains in hands and legs which I got checked out at the doctors and were put down as a side effect of a medication I was taking at the time. I am also feeling weak in both legs. I stopped worrying about MS for a while but my fear has come back in full force and I'm 100% convinced I have it, but I'm unsure wether to go to the doctor or not again as it is expensive if they are only going to tell me its anxiety? Help what do you think ?

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Hi Sarah

I am having MS anxiety at the moment too. for just over a week I've had this weird numb/cold feeling in my right foot toes & right hand which today has moved to my left hand, legs like jelly. Arghhhh I have had a stressful year so I'm hoping its that.

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If you think you have MS then go see your doctor. People on here can not diagnose you.

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Bit rude Tim this is an anxiety forum & people on here have health anxiety!!!!

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I do know what kind of forum it is I help enough people on it.

As for you thinking the truth is rude, that really doesn't matter. If they think they have MS go to a doctor and rather get the all clear and ease your mind or come on here and ask unknowns what they think it is.

The choice is theirs.

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You sound very angry. Tara!

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Go to your doctor.

You can't get past anxiety until you get past the "what if" fear. If you have the MRI (the main way to diagnose MS) and thy point you all clear, then you can no longer worry about MS and being to focus on your anxiety.

Health anxiety, and anxiety, thrives on the unknown and fear. The stress and anxious response won't stop until you quit feeding it. Going to the Dr and getting checked is the first step. The second step is to deal with your anxiety, accept it and move on after you're cleared of MS, or not.

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