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Am I going bipolar?

I have these episodes when I start feeling anxious and the cycle goes on and on amd sometimes reaches such intense level that I nothing would calm me down . I get mental + physical symptoms. On other times , I am quite relaxed like nothing ever happened . I have been surfing on the net and found that most of these mood switches are related to bipolar . I dont have ANY family history of mental illnesses . The fact that I may be bipolar or some sort of mentally ill person . Im 16 years and , im really afraid if these illnesses will take over my life? I have read horrible stories of bipolar and its link to suicide . Its driving me ****ing insane , like I have something really bad waiting for me in near future . I dont have any psychatrists near by . Any suggestions?

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Hi. I understand. I really do. Sometimes I do not know what is going on with me. When I feel like you do, I do my best to find a quiet area and ask myself questions...Why do I feel this way?, Who did I talk with last? (sometimes that could be the trigger), What was I doing when those feelings popped up?, What was I thinking last?, How is my body/head feeling?, etc. I have found it helpful to take notes on the answers until I can do it in my head. Are you able to Google for help in your area?




To your question about being bipolar... The professionals who have seen me in the ups and down moods, even from experts - their answers are indecisive. Some say bi-polar, others say MPD, and others don't know what to call it.


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