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Can't Sleep

Hi, I was wondering if anybody could give me help/advice, for the past couple of weeks my sleeping pattern has been all over the place. But the last couple of days I have really been struggling to sleep, every time I close my eyes, I can feel my heart rate increase and thoughts start racing through my head, I feel as I'm having a panic attack. I went to the doctors and he prescribed me with some beta blockers but I've had 2 today in an 8 hour window and I still cannot sleep. I'm growing really worried as I have college tomorrow and I still cannot sleep, I'm 17 years old. Sometimes I feel through the day as if I am going crazy as my mind is flooding with a traffic of thoughts.. Has anybody got any advice?

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Hi Neo11

‘Sleep hygiene’ is the term used to describe good sleep habits.

When you can sleep that's insomnia.

Lots of research has gone into developing a set of

guidelines and tips for good

sleeping. There is lots of evidence to suggest that these

strategies can provide long-term solutions to sleep difficulties.

There are many medications which are used to treat insomnia, These tend to be only effective in the short-term. Ongoing

use of sleeping pills may lead to dependence and interfere

with developing good sleep habits independent of medication,

thereby prolonging sleep difficulties.

Talk to your health

professional about what is right for you. I recommend

good sleep hygiene as an important part of treating insomnia,

either with other strategies such as meditation (choice from many on YouTube) or cognitive

therapy or medication alone.

Here's a great link for sleep hygiene - the fact sheet is actually issued by the Royal Australian College of General Practice so it's reliable source.


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