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Hi everyone I'm a 32 year old male and I've had anxiety for along time. I think with all my anxiety I've been getting muscle problems and pains.and I get them checked out and they say it's nothing but yet I'm in this crazy pain in my ribs on the left side and my shoulder blades. And it's turning me into a hypochondriac I think. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had these issues and any advice would be so helpful thanks everyone.

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Hi there. Im a 35 year old female. Well i have notice too how my muscles feel cramped and even weak sometimes. Its been times that my calves are sore or ill have cramps in my legs or thigh areas that make me feel like i cant walk. I even get all kinds of wierd sharp and dull aches and pains throughout my body like arms, legs for sure, and i dont know what to think. It doesnt stay for a long time like constant but it comes and goes quite often to a point that i stay worried and wondering what is going on. I was actually just questioning all of this all day yesterday as i was trying to have a good time at the fair with my youngest daughter and the whole time my legs were aching to a point i felt i had to walk really slow. It even had a heavy feeling like i was gonna fall any moment. I am beyond a hypochondriac now. I cannot even focus on life majority of my days because any little ache pain or wierd feeling i get im scared. But to answer you abouy the pain in your ribs i have recalled a few times id get this uncomfortable dull pain in my ribs and i would then adjust myself to see if it would go away and for the most part it was never a constant ache but it was there tho. Im having bad thoughts now because i keep getting this dull cold like pain in my upper left back area.


The left side of my sternum is so so sensitive to the touch and I can feel it go into my shoulderblade area and I can't take my mind off it cause it's always there and I obviously think the worst.


I have the aching ribs on left side too but when I went to the dr the first thing he thought of was stress so I don’t think it’s anything bad as sometimes if I don’t think about it long enough it will go away


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