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Went to the Dr. Now even more scared

So I was suppose to have my appt on the 11th but I couldn't take the anxiety of waiting and wondering what's going on with my throat. So I went today! I'm happy I went but at the same time I'm more nervous than ever now. So come to find out I have a fungus on my tongue that was causing a yellow coating, have a prescription for that, and the red nodules in my throat I can't remember what she said they are called but apparently it's common and are allergy related so I got a prescription for that too! You'd think I'd be happy and all would be well but that's not the case 😩 She wants to run labs on me, and the tests are for thyroid and to check my red and white blood cells for things like cancer and also to check my liver and kidneys. But now I'm wondering why does she want to do this??????? She told me I can come when I have a chance to get the labs done and also scheduled me for a follow up and a full physical in 3 weeks from the meds to see if they are working. So I'm scared out of my mind!!!! Did she see something that may insinuate cancer or a problem with my thyroid??? I'm going in the morning to get the lab work but I'm so afraid and I have no idea what to do while waiting for these results!!! I'm so sorry for the long post guys but you guys are literally the only ones that understand me and I feel comfortable enough to come running to when I'm feeling like this. I have post nasal drip and i Just learned online today that post nasal drip can be linked to hypothyroidism, did she notice this???? And the ends of my eyebrows barely ever grow in which is also a sign of hypothyroidism smh I just really don't know what to do smh I'm literally so afraid. To be tested for the things that I've been fearing the most smh now it's time for me to know the truth and it's scaring the crap out of me 😩Has anyone ever felt like this when your Dr wanted to get labs on you?????

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They have to run these tests as routine. Don't ever be afraid to ask why, you can call the doc today and ask. If they thought something they wouldn't be waiting, you would be seeing a specialist and running more extensive tests , and that does not mean still that anything is wrong , they just want to give you peace of mind.


It sounds like you might have Thrush which is pretty common:) I’ve seen posts on here of people who had it. I don’t think it’s anything to be worry about :)

And just because they’re requesting labs doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad is wrong it’s more likely they’re making sure everything is doing well:)

I had a liver/kidney test a few months ago even tho the dr didn’t think anything was wrong, but had it anyway and it was all normal :)


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