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Is it anxiety or any thing else

I am 57 yrs old male from past two yrs suffering from diziness lightheadness numness in leftleg tingling in foot lips and tips of finger legs have shake and becomes stiff and cannot walk. I feel lile i am fainting or falling. There is ponding in heart and pain stiff neck Cannot drive. Taken 3 mri doppler echo tmt all bp no diabitic pulse is 55 to 65 .life is ruined.pls help

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Go first to ur gp and have over all check up, if its turn on all negative probably its anxiety....

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You can try Tasly Danshen Plus its a good herb. It will fix blood circulation. I have try it, its good for remove/overcome bad chorestrol in our body. I have been feel my left body such not to good and when I take deep breath my chest will have pain sometimes, that mean my blood circulation have problem. After eating this herb. In one day, the chest pain lost and my breathing more good.


It is anxiety attack definitely. I am moving with that more than 5 years now.


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