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Need some advice! I've got an appointment at the doctors at 4:40 today it's my very first appointment, im already feeling very scared and I don't know what to do just feel like giving up and not going, I've had this about a year now and I've just dealt with it myself but I really need help to get better I have 3 beautiful children and I just can't be the mother they need me to be at the moment, I hate life and I hate living feeling this way, will I ever get better 😢

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Hi tara89, First thing is that you will get better. The thing is to take that first step and that is keeping your doctor's appointment this afternoon. (having gone through a year w/o help is a long enough wait) You need to feel better for yourself and your 3 beautiful children. We all feel scared of the unknown, the what ifs. Remember that not finding some help is a far bigger fear. Start with some deep belly breathing to calm your thoughts. Do this throughout the day, while going to the doctor as well as in the waiting room. It will help relax your body as well. Have a small lists of things you want to discuss with the doctor because we all tend to rattle off our symptoms and may forget something.

Use the forum for support. There is always someone here including myself who will follow you through getting to the doctor's appointment. You are not alone. Remind yourself that you are safe. The doctor is there to help you. How fortunate we are to have doctors trained to comfort and heal the patient. In others words tara, use all positive re-enforcement thoughts. You will be okay. Le t us know what we can do to help you and let us know how you feel when you are through with the exam. Good Luck.. x P.S. you'll be in my thoughts..


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