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Chest pain sharpness

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Hi I have had this strange feeling In my chest for the past 8 weeks I have had multiple blood tests that have came back okay, but the past 3 days it’s gone bad where it hurts when I breath in deep I can’t lay on my left side, moving certain ways causes a sharp pain and I have to keep clearing my throat.

I haven’t had a chest x ray because my doctor won’t refer me because I don’t have a cough.

I keep getting afraid it’s early signs of lung cancer

I am a 24 year old female and I don’t smoke but I just really don’t understand what this pain is has anyone experienced anything similar?

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Hello :-)

The chances of you having lung cancer at such a young age and been a non smoker are so slim really they are and maybe part of the reason your Doctor feels they have done enough to be confident that nothing is sinister going of here

Have you asked them what it is ?

You could have pulled a little muscle that can be painful and take weeks to settle down but of course I am not a Doctor just a thought

If you really want to get an x-ray and your Doctor is refusing you the only way I know is to go to A&E if you are in the UK they would more likely be inclined to do an x-ray if they felt it was needed

Sometimes these pains can come on out of no where and I hope it goes as quick as it came and you can start to relax :-) x

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Katek96 in reply to BeKind28

Hi thank you for replying,

They just said it could be acid reflux but it’s a different kind of pain so I don’t think it’s that but maybe it is just a muscle

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BeKind28 in reply to Katek96

Hopefully it should settle down :-) x

This might sound silly, but could it be heartburn or gas?

I agree with you.. I went through an interesting situation back in 2019, that turned out to be a combination of muscular compression and pressure in my gut. Once I addressed both of them, I felt normal.

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Katek96 in reply to b1b1b1

Thank you for replying maybe it could be a muscle or gas

It sounds like muscular strength issue...aka it Sounds like you need to clear your gut of excess gas, you need to stretch, and strengthen your muscles through exercise.

In my experience, I went to the ER and Doctors appointments MANY TIMES to try to pin down what 'devastating disease' I had only to be told "You're, healthy leave." ...or this is a panic attack. I spent a week (or 4 😬 oops!) in denial.

This couldn't be possibly be "Panic Attacks, I'm fit and Healthy." Turns out the doctors were right, I didn't have any disease. At the ER my vitals were always normal and at every appointment the Doctors couldn't pinpoint what was happening to me even after having like 20 X-rays, 1 MRI, 3 ultrasounds. The only useful thing I was told from these scans was that my spine looked oddly straight, which helped 1 doctor realize this was more or a muscular-skeletal issue and that I needed to address it using physical therapy.

Longer story made very short diet and exercise helped me get rid of the crazy heart palpitations and very painful neck/shoulder/back pain/tension I had in 2019. Today, I live panic/anxiety attack and heart palpitation free and I exercise to alleviate any muscle pain/tension I might be feeling.

So... I have to agree with B1b1b1. I this you have trapped gas in your guts and that you have to learn how to release it. Diet and exercise helped me, and it still does help me.

Have you always felt this way? ..or have these issues just started recently.?

Thank you for replying,

I guess it could be a muscle or gas, I would feel better if I was to get an x ray myself to be honest but they won’t refer me

Yea. Idk where your located, but I'm lucky I wasn't in the U.S.A. at the time... Overseas, I just asked for an MRI... AND THEY GAVE ME ONE. It's crazy now that I think about it.

Ugh it’s horrible isn’t it it scared me so much .there where some instances where it felt like had a asthma attack from time to time .it was really scary because i felt sharp pain and I couldn’t breath really well .got diagnosed with costochondritis which was a huge relief for me .

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Katek96 in reply to Hb2003

Yeah it is scary, I was thinking maybe I had that but I had blood tests for inflammation and it came back fine but I’m not sure if that would even show on a blood test

Sounds like it could be a muscle. I've had a muscle torn in my chest. Have not had surgery on it as they didn't feel the need to. I have some good days and some really bad days with it. But I wouldn't rule out the heartburn. They can cause the pain your describing too.

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