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Anxiety + feeling weird since new diet

I have suffered from stress induced anxiety on and off for the last 4/5 years. Mostly from being in call centre work and hating it. But I've been self employed since last February and felt mostly fine as I'm not stressed etc.

But I've put on weight in the last year and I decided to sort myself out a few weeks ago.

I was eating or drinking high processed sugar daily and eating lots of burgers and take always (not McDonald's or similar though).

So I've not cut that all out and I've been eating a healthy balanced diet again and also cut out meat apart from once every 2 weeks. I have also been exercising again.

But for some reason I keep feeling weird every day as if I've got low blood sugar issues (from what I can gather). And I feel anxiety and my head is sometimes all busy and muddled up. I am also really tired.

I have decided to eat more food as I thought I was not eating enough. That seemed to work yesterday but today I've eaten so much and I just feel uncomfortable.

Anyone experienced this? Would be good to know it's just part of changing my diet etc.

My last resort is to go to the doctors but I'm not a fan doing that as they usually just say everything is fine.

I don't drink caffeine. I've stopped drinking alcohol and I'm not taking any drugs.

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