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Weird sensations again

Hi everyone

I constantly have the fear that something is seriously wrong with me and my health anxiety is so high at the moment. I keep going through phases of something that's hard to explain...and I can't quite figure out where I'm experiencing weird sensations...sort of head pressure/ waves of dizziness / heavy head feeling / neck tension / eye strain feelings...can anyone else relate to this ?

Thanks x

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Alice, I have to say that first you should see your doctor and have a chat with him or her about your symptoms for your own reassurance. But to me what you describe as a feeling of pressure in your head, dizziness, neck tension and eye strain are well-known symptoms of high anxiety. So they are not serious symptoms of physical illness but the symptoms of an over sensitised nervous system and they are not life threatenibg, cannot disable you and cannot send you crazy.

This sensitisation of our nerves is caused by the fear that we generate: fear is the fuel of nervous sensitisation and we tend to supply it in copious quantities. So the first question is: what stress, worry, strain or over work has caused you to become nervously sensitised? If the original cause is still there you should do everything to protect yourself from it, this means putting yourself first and not hesitating to act ruthlessly. But you must neutralise and protect yourself from whatever is causing your anxiety disorder.

Often the original cause has passed and you are left in a vicious circle of symptoms causing fear causing more symptoms causing more fear and soon and on. Your job is to break that vicious circle by accepting the symptoms you describe without fear, accept them calmly because you know they are only caused by blips and glitches in your nervous system and are of no real significance. When you stop pumping the hormones produced by fear into your nervous system then you starve your nervescof that which is making them over sensitised.

so Alice, see your doctor to confirm this is 'only nerves' and then rid yourself of these troublesome symptoms by learning to accept them (for the time being) without fear which is the sure way to the recovery you desire.


Hi Alice .... I can relate 100 percent ... feels like your body is heavy too ! Horrible feelings all down to high alert anxiety ! Suggest you have a little chat with Gp... might come up with some support for you. Good luck x

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Send me a message. I relate completely

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