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Does anyone else suffer from health anxiety? What do you do when you have your anxiety?

I suffer from severe health anxiety, positional vertigo and panic attacks which up until now was going well. Today I had to put myself to bed for an hour before I felt back to normal again. Lightheadedness, feeling like I'm going to pass out, weird feelings in my body, feel like I'm on a boat (the motion) and feeling nauseous all day. What do you do to help these things?

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I’ve never had the lightheadedness but I have stomach issues from anxiety....I can’t do to much for that yet as it can take a long time for your stomach to heal after you stop feeling anxious....but you can buy past tense by Doterra essential oils from amazon. I found that it seemed to make my stomach feel a bit better then then anything else

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I'm currently freaking out...I have a cold with congestion I've had it maybe a week now I don't have meds for it in my home my mom doesn't want to buy any

I've been having body pain neck pain headache arm pain leg pain I'm thinking the worst situation possible

As in some infection my mom doesn't want to take me to get it checked out

I don't drive I don't have friends who drive & if I do they live far

I've convinced myself of the worst again because I googled I had a headache last night which didn't help the situation here in the USA

I got all the vaccines ?

I think you finish when your 18

I'm 21

I don't live on campus

My anxiety is horrible right now


Hi, I'm so sorry to hear how bad you're feeling at the moment. If your pain is very bad then I think you should definitely try to get to a doctor's or hospital, if you possibly can. I am in the UK and I realise it's a very different system where you are. But if you think it could be anxiety, do you have any medication that could calm you down? Even a herbal remedy or tea? I'm sorry I can't be any help to you - I can imagine how you feel, I have been in similar position. I hope you feel better soon, thinking of you.


Hi Daniellesparkles, they say a cold lasts one week or 7 days..so yours seems to be the norm. Continue using the traditional methods of cold relief. Inhaling with steam helps break up the congestion in your nose, chest and head. There are properties in chicken broth that helps thin the mucus, tea and lemon and avoiding milk products when you have thick congestion in your nose and back of throat. All this until you start feeling better and w/o taking a drug. Use this time for your body to fight the cold and not the anxiety. Do things that are relaxing, coloring is one of them. You will start feeling better soon. Take care Danielle... xx

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