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Not again😟

Hello everyone I'm new to this support site so I will just describe what's going on. I had anxiety in my late teens and early 20's constant symptoms the usual mind racing, couldn't concentrate, nervous ,fidgety, heart racing felt like something physical was wrong with my heart , just plain scared, panic attacks. It wouldn't go away you couldn't do anything to stop it or feel better, I felt like I was going to die. Nobody understood what you were going through doctors wouldn't do anything or act like they cared. People thought you were crazy or making it up or could just get over it. Believe me I would have done anything to make it stop it's the worst feeling in the world. This was about 20 years ago. I found a doctor who cared and started me on paxil and my symptoms eventually went away. I continued to take the paxil for 20 years thinking if I quit taking it the symptoms would come back. Then one day it was like somebody flipped a switch and the anxiety was back out of the blue. The paxil was not working anymore although I was only taking 10mg so now I'm up to 20mg helping some but still feeling the effects of the anxiety. Has anyone who got over anxiety for a long period of time had it come back out of the blue. Also does anyone have a fear of doctors or needles associated with their anxiety?

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Endy5. Yes I've been there.

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