Hi everyone, hope you are all managing to have a good week end. I have been unwell with a virus lately. The fever and general rubbish feeling have gone, but now I am left with extremely painful joints, not swollen but hurt when I move. This is affecting all of my joints. I have a stiff neck and straight away decided it must be viral meningitis, however apart from the pain I my joints I have no other symptoms really. I am able to put my chin to my chest without pain but when I turn left or right it's really painful. Needless to say, my anxiety is through the roof and Dr Google is only making matters worse. Just wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom. Thank you x


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  • Hello. Maybe you should just burn google or banish it from your brain. Sounds as though you have stiff neck muscles from your recent illness. Maybe just doing some easy range of motion will loosen them up a bit. I am not wise but know this helps my neck pain. I know nothing about joints, sorry. Feel better soon.

  • I agree, good idea. Thank you

  • Hi there could it be arthritis ? That can cause painful joints and you don't always get can also cause stiffness and pains and a general feeling of being unwell.gentle exercise of the neck muscles may ease your neck up.I have to do neck exercises myself due to arthritis. Hope you are soon feeling better.

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