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Anxious and feeling like no one is listening

Guess I just want to vent. So sorry.

I have been helping a friend fix her house due to having council workmen in. This has helped me greatly. Never thought I would get back to getting up early and actually feeling like doing something.

The only problem is I have a few disabilities to and I feel like my family don't understand just how much stress I am under.

My partner is almost wheelchair bound and I'm a carer for my mum. I am doing a lot so when I get home I feel tired and I could really do with some more help. I don't know where to turn. And I've been told any help I do get will have to be paid for by us.

It probably sounds like I'm moaning.

The worst of it is the pain I'm in. I have been to 3 doctors already that have said I can't have anything stronger than what I'm on and I am on a lot. I have told them it is affecting me greatly but I'm getting no where.

I'm just really stressed and on top of this our house is going to have walls knocked in an I have to move the furniture an pack on my own. Just angry that everyone expects me to do things.

Anyway rant over before I start crying. Lol

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No matter what we say right now might not help your situation so how about

my sending you a hug x. Rant on Evanescebceckyekess, this is the place to do it.

Seriously I hope something changes and some help is given you. Too much on one person's plate. We're here to listen anytime you need a friend. x


Thanks. Think I just needed to get it out of my system and at least have someone agree with me. I know I take too much on but things do need doing and I can't just leave them.

Thank you for the virtual hug. Lol


Think a good cry might do you the world of good.


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