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Right diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with PPDepression after a couple of weeks thinking God told me I was gonna die. I'm still not sure if it was God a voice spoke to me and said " you are not gonna live as long as you think you are" and then later I read a scripture about the summer time and thought God was telling me I was gonna die during the summer and that has been tormenting me. I just feel like this is not post partum depression but a spiritual battle cause the Zoloft doesn't stop the fear I feel everyday.

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Hi, I hate that you are feeling like careful with zoloft, it causes you hear voices...I had to stop taking it because I heard a voice saying I was going to die, I thought it was just me until I heard it the second night! I have postpartum anxiety and my doc prescribed zoloft, I was also on Lexapro which caused the same thing...I actually did research on that medicine and it can cause psychosis!!! SSRI'S doesn't work well for me causes voice hallunations! I hope you feel better soon!!!


It can also be your anxiety as well, Anxiety likes to play on minds and cause you to think the absolute WORST....we will get through this!!!


Thank you so much. I actually was hearing the voices before I started taking Zoloft.


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