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Hi I'm Dee

I've been suffering some unusual stuff that's been happening I have been suffering dizzy spells and faint feeling every time I stand up I can't motivate to do anything cause I feel like I'm gonna stumble and fall and it's the most scary feeling ever I can't go out I feel like I am becoming agoraphobia in my own house I can't cook for myself I can't clean I feel like a burden asking people for help all the time I am the same I've had bloods ecg they now want me to have a MRI brain scan so awaiting appointment for that this as been going on 6 months and their hasn't been a good day ever sense I took that bad turn that day were it all started and NHS have no answers as usual it's horrible to live with cause I'm normally a active person I'm only good when I'm laying down not even sitting down cause sitting makes me feel dizzy to so the only option is me laying down I also drive and that is a problem to I can get somewhere closer to me but then I have to sit in the car cause the funny turns come on from no we're I feel my life is over cause I can't do nothing I'm so angry 😡

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