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Me again... Daughter ill, with headache

I posted yesterday about my daughter, and now my anxiety has switched focus.

My daughter developed a sudden fever on Sunday evening after a fun filled weekend. Got up to 103 temp, sore throat, pain in ears, tummy ache and now, headache.

She has complained of headaches before, after a hot day at camp or while running on occasion, all recently, meaning in the last month.

Now, she's got this "virus" and her headaches are more prominent. She explained that they get worse after she gets stands from a sitting or laying position, but they don't really go away. She's still really cold, but her fever has dropped to 100.5. Throat still hurts, tummy a bit too, but she's eating and drinking and passing gas..

Here's my worry. Those headaches. She saw her Dr. yesterday and that's how we determined that it's a virus, and he didn't seem overly concerns. Just told us this virus is going around and they are starting to see a lot of it over the past few weeks.

I called the Doc again today about the headaches and they said they weren't overly concerned because she has this virus, and if the virus goes away and she's still suffering from the headaches , then they may want to see her again.

All common sense says to listen, trust them, trust my husband who says that of course she has a headache she's been sitting around all day watching TV and she's sick.. but my anxiety won't allow me to rest. She was bitten by many mosquitos recently (I even mentioned that to the doc and all he could say was use Benadryl if the itching gets bad) but no more concern than that..

Am I the only one worried about encephalitis and/or meningitis? Am I wrong to worry about worst case scenario? Why doesn't anyone else seem to think of these things as a possibility but me? And what if it IS something like this and the doctors are just pushing it off as a "virus" and my poor girl should be getting medical attention?

I guess I need someone other than my husband, and the nurse, AND the doctor to tell me to stop worrying. She's my baby (she's 8 years old), and I can't bear the thought of anything happening to her, I mean, literally.. my life would just end.

Words of advice? Please?

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Aside from the symptoms how does she seem in herself? I'd listen to the docs they know what they are doing but as a parent it does not stop you worrying! As long as she is taking plenty of fluids and rest and try to keep temp down with medication then the body will do what it needs to do. My daughter had an awful virus at the beginning of the year and hardly ate for a week and just slept was horrible seeing her like that everyday but she soon bounced back kids as pretty resilient. X


Thanks Nicki... I just talked to her on the phone (She's home with her Daddy) and with the medication in her she sounds great. She said that her head still aches though especially when she talks too loud (LOL)... I guess headaches effect kids too when they're sick. I'm just an anxious person and even more anxious Mommy. I hope she doesn't inherit this from me... it's not fun.


Hope she feels better soon x

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Meningitis? Encephalitis? Stop it now, PotterBook. Your imagination is running away with you, as it always does when we're experiencing high anxiety. We always fear the worse, for ourselves and for those we care for.Your daughter has a virus and it will soon pass. The headaches may take a little longer to yield but they will in time. But a headache to someone with high anxiety is a brain tumour. Though it never is. Your daughter will be fine, she will be back to O.K. in no time, the ability of the body to heal itself at that age is considerable. Look to your own high anxiety, search for what is causing it, what is prolonging it and how best to rid yourself of it.

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