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Anxiety-constant dizziness

Hi, I was wondering if anyone gets this constant feeling of dizziness, fast heart. I had an ecg, blood test to check any damage to the heart and also chest X-ray 4 weeks ago, All fine. But for the last few days I've had bad dizziness and fast heart. It's not affecting my driving but I know it's there so I make myself worse by thinking about it. I came off citalopram around 5 weeks, I'm not sure why I did as I never had any of this when I was on them. I feel like I'm living in dread! Hate this dizzy feeling.

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I'm constantly dizzy as well, I have trouble working because of dizziness and fast heart rate but somehow I get through it. I assure you it's probably only anxiety. If something was bad wrong then the ecg would have shown it and the x-ray would have too. You have nothing to worry about (: I know it's uncomfortable but it's not as bad when you know it's only anxiety.


I'm having this feeling right after I eat idk if this is anxiety or if it's something I'm eating.


I've noticed I am worse right after I eat, too, especially when I eat a big meal. I've never had the dizziness that seems to be a very common symptom, but for me, I get a fast hearbeat & skips, feel kind of sick at my stomach and just feel anxious.


Sounds like classic symptoms of anxiety.

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