Tingling legs

Does anxiety cause tingling in the bottom part of your legs? I've had bad health anxiety for several months and I just got the tingling over a week ago.... can can they be tingling all the time/ even when you don't feel that anxious?? It's making me really worried..... l know it can't be brain related as I had a CT And MRI last fall/winter sometime and they were both clean....I'm just worried that it's still some disease

Could it also be because I'm just super hypersensitive to how my body feels all the time now also?


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3 Replies

  • I experience the tingling sensations as well all over really

  • I do as well. Sometimes I can go months without the tingling and then when anxiety gets pretty bad the tingling comes back.

  • My legs and head and hands have been tingling for 3 days! Ugh.

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