16 years old 52 resting heart rate.. is it normal ?

Well.. when i calmed my anxiety about myself a bit, now more anxious about my son. He is not athlete or not very excercising and his resting heart rate is only 52 ... im afraid.. he does not complain about any problems, but should i visit a doctor with him or is it normal ? I read everywhere that it should be between 60 -90


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  • Hello, it completely depends on how well your heart is working. A resting heart rate of 52 is perfectly normal and means that your heart/stroke volume (amount of blood pushed around the body in one beat) is actually rather strong. When I used to cycle 15-30 miles a day, my resting heart rate went down to about 40 beats per minute, it now sits around 50-55 beats per minute!

    I hope this helps,


  • thank you very much for your answer :)

  • You’re welcome. Unless you feel dizzy, short of breath, have chest pain, feeling confused, or find it difficult to exercise then it will be a trip to the doctors but like I said, it is normal to have a resting heart rate of 52 :).

  • thank you.. he never complained about any problems .. i just found it accidentaly when he saw i am counting my pulse as i do really often..coz of health anxiety.. he wanted to try too.. so we tried after he woke up .. and i got scared..

  • Don’t worry. I suffer from health anxiety and Generalised Anxiety disorder so I know exactly how you feel!

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