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Anxiety sucks!


I haven't actually been diagnosed but anxiety but I feel so trapped within myself. I started my first ever job and everything was great I was doing really well, the problem was the people. They'd always put me down, i couldnt do anything right and it was like they wanted me to be shit at my job. I ended up leaving because it got to the point that id feel physically sick getting up for work because I was so scared to go in. I used to have a lot of time off "sick" which resulted in a meeting with my boss about my absence, which of course I couldn't face and just ended up leaving my job. I know tbat, that wasn't the smartest thing to do but at the time it seemed like the easiest thing to do. Now I'm broke and I'm even scared to go to the job centre to sign on because of what happened while at the job. I feel so stupid and silly for being scared to even go to the local job centre. I'm ruining my life by doing this. And I just don't know what I can do to make myself have more confidence.

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It was really bad luck that in your first job you were working with people who were constantly putting you down. You should never have allowed them to succeed because it is clear from your posting that you have the ability to express yourself well and think things through. Maybe those people saw you as a threat to themselves. Draw a line under that unhappyepisode Hcmx, but don't let it put you off taking your place in the world of work and enjoy using your brain and skills to carve out an enjoyable working life, maybe even a career. Don't let this knock back stopyou from fulfilling your potential, I sense you have so much to give.

So head on down to the job centre and tell yourself that you're as good as anybody there and probably a lot better than quite a few. Use a bit of charm with the job centre staff, a smile is always a good start. Then when you get an interview tell the person exactly what they want to hear, that alone means you're half way towards getting the job.

I feel sure you will have better luck with your next job and will be among people you like and a job that brings some satisfaction. Why not visit the job centre tomorrow and check out that online website that lists jobs in every area, I think it's run by the job centre. Things will be different next time I assure you and I wish you the verybest of luck.

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