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Feeling sick all day


Hi. I've been feeling sick all day. My mother died last dec and symptons of anxiety showed Feb this year. Doctors thought it was hyperacidity but one gastroentorologist said it was anxiety. I feek sick all day to the point that i feel that there something serious illness on me. Headaches, feeling weak, palpitations, blurred visions and irritability. Can someone help me with this? I am afraif to have my self checked.

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Hi there, so sorry to hear about your mum. This is totally normal. its no fun but it is normal. have u had this before now??

My mum died May this year, when she was ill for 2 years before I had all the feeling you had it's just stress related. Was you mum ill before was it sudden, if sudden understandable as this is the shock. Before my mum died I couldn't focus I started new job as was laid from last one but had given notice in as I was so ill pulputation could concentrate blurred vision it's just way body dealing with it. I started another new job I was scared again as this would happen, but being in right place is good. Every morning I wake up I'm anxious and feel sad losing my mum, you got take each day as comes this will pass, they say good have friends around you, but honestly they don't understand as it's not happend to them. Make time for yourself you not going mad. Do some meditation can get this from utube, tell yourself you will get through this. I'm here to talk anytime.

My parents are all fine. But I struggle still. I lost my closest friend from child hood when I was 15 to a horrible accident and that's where it all started. im 25 now. but I understand your feelings. some days are better than others though.

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