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Head pressure feels like fluid inside

I have a dr appt tomorrow but just wanted to see if anyone else has felt this. I already know every other symptom I have is due to anxiety but just yesterday this new feeling started where I feel this pressure pushing down on the top of my head. It doesn't last long but it'll go to my sinus area, it almost feels the same way as when you get water up your nose or have bad bad congestion and need to pop your ears. But this pressure feels almost like fluid sloshing around. I freaked out at first and didn't know if this could possibly be anxiety related too? Or an ear problem. Either way we'll know tomorrow, just needed to vent.

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A feeling of pressure on top of your head or, a tight band around your head are classic symptoms of anxiety. The other feelings are probably due to the pressure.

Best to get it checked out though so good luck tomorrow


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